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Welcome to CHC
(Canine Hoopers of Canada) 

Hoopers is an agility style sport that is low impact to the dog with minimal risk for injury and yet very challenging for the handler. 


The goal is to build distance handling using hoops as a ground-level obstacle.

CHC courses are comprised of hoops, barrels, tunnels and gates.


​Hoopers Canada strives to protect the long-term well being of the dog by maintaining flowing courses with no tight turns, wraps, stops or pull throughs on hoops. Barrels and gates assist turns without excessive stress. Tunnel entries and exits must be straight.


Hoopers Canada aims to be an inclusive dog sport, accessible to all dogs and handlers.


Created in April 2023 and inspired by Hoopers in the UK, specifically Hooperholics UK, Canine Hoopers of Canada aims to be an inclusive dog sport making sure that this sport is accessible to all dogs and handlers. 

The purpose of Canine Hoopers of Canada competitions is to enable competitors to showcase their teamwork and challenge their skills. Courses should encourage the dog to run naturally  with teamwork challenges according to level of ability. 


 Handlers and their dogs should aim to compete as a smooth functioning team. Handlers should conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner and it is the responsibility of the handler to ensure that their dog has received suitable training for the classes in which they are competing. The dog’s health and welfare should be the number one priority at all times for the handler.


Most of all Handler and Dog Must HAVE FUN!

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