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Become A CHC Judge

Canine Hoopers of Canada encourages hoopers instructors and judges of other dog sports (such as agility) to consider becoming CHC judges. Before you apply,  familiarize yourself with the CHC rules and guidelines and the CHC judge's handbook.  Contact CHC to obtain the handbook. 


To become a CHC judge, one must demonstrate a clear understanding of what CHC involves and have knowledge of the rules and guidelines, and the content of the Judges handbook. Candidates will complete a ‘Judges Questionnaire’ (passing 85% or higher) and submit course design maps of CHC courses requested by the CHC examiner.  The CHC examiner may also request a video of the candidate judging a run in a specific level and class. The examiner may choose to use their own course or have the candidate design one for this part of the exam.

It is beneficial to have a course designing app that has the hoopers option to design courses, such as Smarter Agility. 

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