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Register A Dog 

A dog must be registered with Canine Hoopers of Canada in order to enter a CHC trial. A lifetime registration fee for each dog is $25 CAD. Each dog will receive an ID number and card to be shown to the trial host for entry. 

Dogs must be a minimum of 15 months to compete at a Canine Hoopers of Canada trial.


Any dog, whether purebred or mixed breed, that is fit, healthy and trained is eligible to enter a Canine Hoopers of Canada trial.


Bitches in season are allowed to compete but must wear protective panties during their run. They must also be kept away from the ring areas when not competing and on lead, except when in the ring. 


You must have a CHC member account in order to register a dog so be sure to become a CHC member before you apply for a dog ID number. You may fill out both forms and send payment together, just be sure to send the member form first and use the same handler name and email address. 

Memberships are lifetime and will give you access to an updated achievement page for each registered dog. Points are tracked for titles and once a title is earned, you will receive a title certificate via email. Printed certificates can be requested for a fee. 

To obtain a CHC Dog ID number, click on the button below, fill out the form and etransfer the payment. 

 CHC Dog ID card will be emailed once payment is received.

Please allow 2 - 3 business days 

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